halloween part I

We kicked off the Halloween festivities at my aunt's house where the boys discovered my cousin's old rope swing. The kids got dressed up in their costumes and they all got to pick out their own pumpkin from my aunt's garden. Pumpkins were claimed, rolled, carried, gently placed in wheelbarrows and accidentally dumped out of said wheelbarrows. While the big kids played basketball, Leo ate the last of the tomatoes from the vines, and once he discovered my cousins stash of old star wars toys, we couldn't get him away from them. I don't blame him - the Ewok treehouse was amazing. The boys wore their vampire capes and my niece wore my little brothers old crayon costume, reminding me of the year we went trick or treating down 10th Street, me in the purple crayon and my brother in the yellow crayon. Growing up my mom sewed all of our costumes, and still helps me create costumes for my boys today. Maybe that's where my love of Halloween came from. 

halloween part II

We were at a Halloween party over the weekend and someone asked me how soon I start working on our costumes, to which I replied "September". But realistically, Halloween was just a few days ago and I'm already thinking about next year. So yeah, I'm that crazy person. Luckily, my oldest has acquired my love of all things Halloween and is already plotting our family Star Wars costume next year. Baby brother was quick to agree to his plan, claiming "Dawth Vadah" for himself. And if you don't believe that a 6 year old won't change his mind over the course of an entire year, think again. Last Halloween he decided that we would be vampires and while he briefly considered the Incredible Hulk, he stayed the course and we all went as vampires. Luckily I got one photo of the boys together in their costumes, because in a classic toddler move, as soon as we started trick or treating Leo refused to wear his vampire cape and looked more like Angus Young from AC/DC.  Viggo held his hand for the first few houses and before we knew it, Leo was climbing stairs, desperately trying to keep up with the big kids, saying "twick or tweat" and collecting his candy all by himself.