thea rose | seattle family and newborn documentary photography

I've known Sonya since I moved to Seattle almost 10 years ago, starting out as work friends, quickly becoming fast friends for life, and our annual trip to Doe Bay wouldn't be the same without this family. Over lunches and walks to grab coffee, Sonya and I have shared thoughts on parenting, laughed until we cried, supported each other as working moms, shared the joy of our pregnancies and the fears about growing our families, and have been there for each other in this crazy adventure that is parenthood. And yes, I may have cried on Sonya's shoulder once or twice in her office.  All of this to say, when you love someone and that someone has a baby, there aren't enough heart emoticons to describe all that love. Cue the world's entrance of baby Thea Rose. What I love so much about second time parents is just how relaxed and at ease they are, around the baby and with each other. Watching Sonya and Alex hold Thea and pass her back and forth, cuddling and cooing her, staring in wonderment and smiling at their new baby girl, I felt a sense of calm, and so much love. Thea Rose, you are the sweetest baby and so lucky to have such amazing parents.