a morning with batman & robin | seattle, wa

It was a Saturday morning several years ago when I rode up to the coffee shop in my sweat soaked spandex ensemble when I saw this adorable couple drinking coffee, talking about buying the house they had just looked at down the street, and moving into the neighborhood. I somehow managed not to scare them off and after talking to them for almost an hour that morning, I like to think I even had a hand in convincing them to move to Madrona. This is exactly why I love our neighborhood and this amazing community. We have remained friends over the years and had 2 more baby boys between us. I adore this family, how laid back they are, and the always present fun factor. I knew I was in for a fun morning when I photographed the 4 of them at their house, and they did not disappoint. There were remote control trucks and legos, Batman and Robin saved the day, cowboys roamed the wild west, and water balloons were thrown. Keep up the great work Megan and John, your boys are pure joy.