sisters + sparkle | seattle family documentary photo session

When I learned about 3-year old Lucy's type-1 diabetes diagnosis the week before our scheduled session, I assumed that Maria and David would want to cancel or reschedule. Their life had just been turned upside down and suddenly they were navigating these new circumstances, learning how to give injections, count carbs and monitor blood sugar levels. But instead of rescheduling, Maria wanted to document this shift in their life despite their new and often overwhelming daily routine just 1 week into diabetes treatment protocol. I'm honored that they welcomed me into their home so that I could document the beautiful space in this time of transition and show them just how strong, loving and exceptional they are as a family. After I arrived at the house, we spent the morning doing what they typically do on a Sunday morning - they finished breakfast, drank more coffee and read the paper while the girls played together, made sparkle jewelry, and danced to the chipmunks.  Outside, Lucy and Josie did roller coaster rides in the backyard laughing the entire time, they explored their secret garden, and picked carrots and tomatoes.  I loved watching big sister Josie take Lucy's hand in the secret garden and how much Josie looked out for Lucy all morning. And just like any other Sunday, they rode bikes through the neighborhood to their favorite park. If I hadn't overheard the conversation about exactly how many snacks Lucy could have, I would have never known how much their world had just changed. It's a beautiful thing to see first hand such a connected, supportive family, and I'm so happy that Lucy got her sparkle back.